Satan gustave dore paradise lost the devil cast out of heavenThe Crown of Lucifer

Lucifer was the fairest of God’s angels and wore on his brow an emerald diadem. There was a war in heaven and the crown was lost and the Light-bearer was cast down. The diadem fell to Earth in the Hindu Kush, where it was carved by master Afghan craftsmen into the cup used by Salem to consecrate the temple Abraham, built in Ur of the Chaldees. The cup became apart of the sacred treasure of the Jews and in time found it’s way to Europe where it fell into the hands of Count Du Bios, who’s young bride Esclarmonde was to become the last high priestess of a ancient gnostic order, known as the Cathari “The Pure Ones”. The Grail was lost again in 1244 when the Cathars were exterminated by a crusader army raised by Pope Innocent III. It was buried in an icy cavern in the Ariege behind a rampart of stone which remained untouched for seven centuries. It is said that the servants of Satan still seek their master’s lost diadem so that he might regain his rightful place in the Kingdom of Heaven, searching from one lifetime to the next…down through the ages.

April 3rd, 1944

From the Office of Strategic Services

Proposal for Operation Code Name: Bread Basket.

Mr. President,

We recieved an encrypted communicaton from the office of Lt. Nathaniel Sussex of MI6 this morning concerning an operation he is developing that could severly cripple the German war effort in the European theater. According to Sussex, he claims to have recieved solid intel from an asset within the Allgemeine SS that a top secret meeting is to take place on the early morning of June 21st, at the S.S. Order castle Wewelsburg; located in the North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany. According to to Sussex, the asset in question has reported that the twelve Obergruppenf├╝hrers of both the Allegmeine-SS and Waffen-SS along with several “special adjutants” will be in attendance. The reason behind this meeting is not known to the asset; however, it has come to the surface that Heinrich Himmler requested that this meeting take place. It is possible that Himmler himself could possibly attend this meeting.

The O.S.S. considers this information worthy to be acted upon, and by taking into account the gravity of the fact that the upper echelon of the S.S. power structure will be at one location, the suggestion of coordinating with Sussex and MI6 in a joint commando assault on the castle could result in the termination of the Obergruppenfuhrers and the acquisition of a substantial amount of intelligence that could deal a paralyzing blow to the German war machine. It is highly suggested by this office that preparations need to begin immediately.

Brigadier General John Magruder,

Director for Intelligence

The Secret Glory

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