Jack Blackburne III

Cafe/Bookstore Owner


1st Gen Jack Blackburne/Samantha B(Billows) Jack did a military career. Samantha a mom, of three children. (Jack Jr./ Jill/ Christopher)

2nd Gen Jack Blackburne Jr (II)/Susie B(Smith) Housewife Jr a Military career as well. One child. (Jack the Third[III[)

3rd Gen Jack B III/Julia B(Arnolds) Jack the Third(III) went as far into medical school as to just getting his residency then dropped out for (listed below) that reason. He then reopened a Cafe/Bookstore. It gets a lot of student traffic(quite study place and coffee with free wi/fi), only open gentleman hours to the public usually. He did take fencing. His wife is a Nurse. No kids.

2nd Gen Jill Smithston(B) House wife married James Smithston(Bar owner) Three Kids. (James Jr./Meagan/Rachel)

3rd Gen Jills Kids: James Jr, College to be psychologist in another state. Meagan S. Teacher at another state for middle school. Rachel S. Death shortly after childbirth, mysterious circumstances.

2nd Gen Christopher B. Death shortly after childbirth, mysterious circumstances.

Death of third child is a “Curse” the family does not seem to talk about but is aware of.

Intelligence 2
Wits 3
Resolve 3

Strength 2
Dexterity 3
Stamina 2

Presence 1
Manipulation 1
Composure 4

Academics 3
Investigation 1
Medicine 4
Science 2

Athletics 3
Survival 2
Weaponry 2

Animal Ken 2
Socialize 2

Merits: Resources 3, Fighting Finesse(rapier )2, Status Medical 2

Size 5, Speed 10, Defense 3, Armor(blank), Initiative Mod 7

Health 7, Willpower 7, Morality 7

Jack the third disliked the military but has a respect for it from his family. He was a full-time med student but while getting his residency, while doing this he helped run an old bookstore. The owner died and for some reason left the place to him in his will. He had a choice give up one or the other. Well the choice was made one night when the place got robbed while him and his friends were staying late one night. The intruder did not know the amount of people there and in the scuffle was disarmed but got a shot off, knocking over one of the big hot water dispensers over and getting the searing water all over half Jacks body. It left him horrible scarred and his hands never were as steady but the experience got him closer to his friends and he embraced the new facility with his fiance now wife and renamed it and revamped it. There he stays and works with his wife to finish off the student loans that scholarships didn’t cover so they can actually make more money.

Jack Blackburne III

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